What is Branding?

Branding helps give you and your business a recognizable visual identity! Colors, fonts, copy, logos and designs all contribute to branding. Branding is what makes your company identifiable and unique.


Why Branding Matters

Now that you know what branding is, you might be asking, ‘But why is this important?’ Well, for one, it helps people remember you. Brand design also gives you a professional look and visually defines who you are, what you do and why you do it, all pulled together with a pretty bow!


Branding has many benefits, such as:


  • Consistency — Keeping your branding and marketing materials consistent shows you are professional and know who you are. Consistency also helps build customer recognition. 

  • Customer recognition — Think of companies like Apple, Google and McDonald’s. With just a glance at their logos and colors, you know exactly what company it is. Let’s develop a brand for your company that customers will recognize immediately!

  • Customer loyalty — How many times have you stayed loyal to a business because their messaging aligns with what you stand for? Build a loyal relationship with your customers by having a consistent, authentic brand.

  • Credibility — In the minds of consumers, a lack of branding means a lack in credibility. If you don’t have at least a logo, people will be less likely to think you are a reliable business. 


Our Branding Process 

Ready to get to work on your brand? Happy Day Design Co. can help you develop a brand concept, pair brand fonts and colors, design a logo and more.


We can’t wait to work with you! Here’s how our branding process works: 

  • Fill out the form on the contact page and let us know what package you are interested in (see below). Let us know if you have any questions!

  • After we establish contact, we will set up a free discovery call to discuss your branding needs and make sure we are a good fit.

  • If we think we’ll be partners in brand design crime, we’ll move forward with squaring away the contract and invoice for the project!

  • We will ask you to fill out a branding survey to get a better sense of your style and you’ll receive preliminary brand sketches.

  • We’ll be in constant contact throughout the brand design process, and we will send you designs for approval at various stages of the project.

  • We’ll design some brand MAGIC! A Happy Day Design Co. brand is a happy brand.


Package 1

-The Basics-

• Branding questionnaire

• Guided mood board creation

• Primary logo design

• Color palette


Package 2

-For the Biz-

• Branding questionnaire

• Guided mood board creation

• Primary logo design

• Secondary logo design

• Color palette

• Business card design

• Thank you card design

• Up to 10 highlight covers

• Etsy or FB banner



(can be added on to either package)

• Custom illustrations*

• Font licenses*

• Social media graphics: $25

• Clothing tag design: $25

*price varies

A La Carte

Need more than the basics, but not quite the whole biz package? That's cool! You can pick and choose what you need. However, the minimum order must include the basics.

Or, want something different? 

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